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Track Record of Success


Bill Purcell's successful track record is very unique, bringing breakthrough technology and business practice innovation to retailer, consumer product marketers, and consumers.

Bill has started companies that have brought billions of dollars in bottom line benefit for consumer packaged goods (CPG), retail, and technology companies by pioneering consumer goods and retail technologies, including

  • The first and still world leading category management and space planning software (Apollo)
  • The first internet delivered paperless digital coupon network and the first consumer targeting through the integration of retailer “brick and mortar” consumer purchase data with internet consumer profiling (planetU)
  • The first (ems) and the largest (Market6) big data “Demand Signal Repository” information services that include large-scale embedded analytics
  • One of the leading retailer and CPG Category Management Education services (Apollo)
  • Evangelism and industry leadership of global B2B industry product identification standards (Transora), internet consumer privacy (planetU), mobile sales force technology (Apollo and Market6), retailer automated replenishment (ems),  frequent shopper card targeting of consumer promotions (planetU), mobile-based consumer promotions (planetU), and retailer/consumer goods collaboration (all)


Information services, Big Data, predictive analytics, Demand Signal Repository (DSR), category management, sales force tools, Demand Driven Supply Chain (DDSN), store sensing

Market6 is revolutionizing information services and marketing information in the consumer goods industry.  Its cornerstone service -- DemandView --  is used by over 400 of the largest consumer goods companies in the world.  DemandView provides real-time analytics of sales, promotion effectiveness, out of stocks, and over 14 billion forecasts daily for leading consumer goods companies and retailers such as Kroger, the largest supermarket-only chain in the world.  

Bill co-founded the company and was its CEO.


Consumer promotions, internet coupons, Digital Pathway to Purchase (DP2P), consumer data cross-platform convergence, consumer targeting

planetU pioneered the "Pathway-to-Purchase" revolution by being the first company linking internet delivered promotions that were targeted via merging internet profiling with retailer consumer purchase data.   Paperless “Upons” were electronically cleared through retailer frequent shopper cards.  In partnership with retailers such as Kroger, Safeway, and Giant Eagle and promotion services companies like News America Marketing, millions of consumers used planetU's U-pons to receive promotions from marketers such as Coke, Pepsi, Nestle, ConAgra, Unilever, P&G, General Mills, Kraft, Del Monte, and more.  

Bill co-founded the company and was its CEO.  PlanetU technology is now part of Q Interactive’s Cool Savings


CP Industry B2B Consortium, Product Item Dictionary (PID) and Management (PIM), industry data exchange standards, collaborative procurement

Transora’s was formed by the inspiration and investment of 65 of the largest global Consumer Products (CP) companies, including P&G, Coke, Kraft, Unilever, Reckitt Benckiser, Ajinomoto Kabushiki-gaisha, Kao, etc. This consortium led global data exchange standards efforts, such as Global Data Synchronization Network (GDSN) and Electronic Product Code (EPC). 

Bill joined Transora via its acquisition of planetU, and led Transora in Asia/Pacific, several retailer-collaboration activities, and M/A efforts as their Chief New Markets Officer.  Transora is now part of GS1.

efficient market services (ems)

Big Data management and analytics, POS information service, Demand Signal Repository (DSR), automated replenishment (CAO), category management applications, sales force productivity tools, Efficient Consumer Response (ECR)

ems developed and operated the world’s first big data “Demand Signal Repository” on behalf of major supermarket retailers.  ems was analogous to but pre-dated Walmart’s “Retail Link”.  ems delivered daily point of sale data and on-the-fly analytics to support over $100 billion in annual commerce in the United States.  ems services were provided in partnerships with major retailers and through data sales and analytic services to major Consumer Goods companies.   ems was designed to support Efficient Consumer Response initiatives, and help lead this collaborative industry ECR effort. 

Bill co-founded the company.  ems technology is now part of the store auto-replenishment and category management technologies of the Kroger Company

Apollo Space Management System

Consumer products and retailer Space Planning software, category management software, consumer products’ fact-based selling analytic services, CP and retailer category management education and training Services

Apollo was the pioneer software product to bring analytic capability to the space planning and planogramning activities that are critical to major retailers and Consumer Products companies.  Almost every major retailer and consumer good company in the world have used Apollo to save over billions of dollars.  While Apollo pioneered this class of products in the late 1980’s, even today it is the global leader in category management technologies.  The company also provided unique sales force services as well as Category Management Education Programs for over 5000 retailer and Consumer Products executives around the world. 

Bill co-founded the company and led all sales, marketing, and product management efforts globally until and following the company’s acquisition by IRI.  Apollo is now part of AlData Solutions.

Information Resources (IRI)

Consumer products marketing research and syndicated data services, analytic and testing services, consumer panel data, category management and sales force applications

IRI’s InfoScan tracking and BehaviorScan testing products are the global gold standard for Consumer Goods marketing research services and sales force information.  Bill supported the launch Infoscan and led CP sales force analytic services in the U.S.; retailer services globally;  Apollo product /marketing / sales management globally, and started and managed information, retailer, and sales force services in Australia, Canada, Scandinavia, U.K., France, and Germany. 

Bill joined IRI via the acquisition of Apollo, and was the company’s Senior Vice President of Marketing and Sales.

American Stores

American Stores was the nation’s largest supermarket chain during the period of time that Bill was employed by the company.  Bill served in a number retail operations, merchandising, IT, and marketing management roles and lead Point of Sale engineering and data analytics.  In his last role for the company he served as the Director of Marketing for the company’s private label brand portfolio, managing marketing services in support of billions of dollars in annual brand sales.  American Stores is now part of SUPERVALU.

Venture Financing

Bill has extensive experience in early stage company Venture Financing, having raised tens of millions of dollars for enterprises with which he has been involved.  Experience centers on major Silicon Valley Venture Capital firms, but also includes East Coast and Midwest VCs, venture debt, angel financing, asset-based finance, subordinated debt, private equity, strategic partner financing, recapitalizations and buyouts, and mergers and acquisitions.


University of California, Berkeley undergraduate studies in Computer Science and Business Administration/Marketing

University of Southern California, Marshall Graduate School of Business, Food Industry Marketing Management and Information and Operations Management (Quantitate Business Methods).

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