Bill Purcell 
Serious Innovation

Focus Areas

Big Data  

  • Retailer and consumer products data integration, sharing and information services
  • Consumer transaction and frequent shopper analytics
  • Internet/ social media/ store sensing/ consumer purchase convergence and analytics
  • Demand Signal Repository (DSR)
  • Video data mining
  • Predictive analytics

Digital Pathway to Purchase:  

  • Consumer and Trade promotion optimization and integration
  • Merchandising technologies and category management
  • Consumer & trade promotion
  • e-commerce / brick-and-mortar/mobile strategies and optimization
  • Consumer, store operations, and sales force mobile technologies and strategies
  • Consumer transaction/frequent shopper analytics
  • Internet/ social media/  consumer purchase convergence and analytics

In-store Sensing:  

  • In-store mobile geo-positioning
  • Crowd-sourced data collection
  • Field force mobile automation
  • Video data mining
  • POS item movement and frequent shopper data analytics
  • In-stock condition sensing
  • Algorithmic estimation of in-store conditions

Retail and Consumer Goods Technologies

  • Strategies for online, brick-and-mortar, and cross channel promotion, e-commerce, information service, mobile, and purchase decision technologies
  • Field force mobile technologies
  • POS analytics
  • Targeting technologies
  • Category management
  • Inflation optimization
  • Syndicated marketing information services
  • Retail alerts

Demand Driven Supply Chain 

  • Demand Signal Repository (DSR) and downstream data sharing
  • Collaborative Direct Store Delivery (DSD) orders
  • Store auto-replenishment and promotion allocation
  • New item success
  • Promotion funds optimization
  • Inflation optimization
  • Inventory and out of stock reduction business processes
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